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The Financial Digital Marketing conference in London

The conference

As an agency with many clients in the financial industry, queo recently participated in the annual Digital Marketing Financial Services Conference. Hosted in the heart of the City of London, traditionally the home to many financial institutions, the conference offered a jam-packed day full of insights and discussions from an impressive lineup of industry experts such as Google, AXA Insurance, HSBC Private Bank, Fidelity and Morgan Stanley. Digital marketing appears to be a hot topic in the financial sector, an industry that tends to embrace advances in technology and trends slower than others. The conference offered a platform to discuss challenges and frequent pain points, identify current trends, and present best practice examples of companies ahead of the curve to pave the way for the future.

The speakers

The speaker selection was stellar, the presentation topics diverse and the audience was very responsive and eager to learn. A recurring theme was the question of how to harness digital technologies to everyone’s advantage while justifying marketing spend when oftentimes results are not directly quantifyable. Furthermore, more and more companies are extending their marketing activities to using sophisticated social media campaigns and integrating them into their overall brand communication strategy. The presentation of Social Media Manager Kathryn Sutton of Schroders was a case in point. She elaborated on how to use social media to build genuine engagement in a compliant way to increase sales and to hit key KPIs to prove and justify marketing spend. Other contributions added to this by arguing that the information pushed towards the customer needs to be carefully selected, tailored, relevant and cohesive across channels to provide a unified brand experience.
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Given queo’s service track record in the world of finance, coupled with our solid digital expertise, we are in a good position to answer to companies’ needs, ranging from measuring performance, integrated communication campaigns or bespoke software solutions built to comply with the sector’s compulsory security requirements. Things are moving fast, and queo is prepared to support clients on this journey.